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Track the Status of your Visa Application

Most qualified applicants receive their visas within four business days. Some cases are subject to administrative processing which may take 1-4 months or longer. This processing cannot be waived or expedited. We follow up regularly on cases subject to this procedure. Please check with our call center at Jordan: 962-6-300-6741 or U.S.:  1-703-520-2242 for the status of your case.


  • Information on Visas and U.S. Citizen Services Now Available on Twitter
    Follow us at @USConsulJO for official information on visas and U.S. citizen services direct from the consuls at the U.S. Embassy in Amman. Questions welcome! Send them to us with the hashtag #AskTheConsul.
  • Passport Pickup Instructions
    Follow these instructions to register to pick-up your passport following the immigrant visa interview: How to Pick-up Your Passport (PDF 834 KB).
  • Important Notice - New Application Fees
    Nonimmigrant and immigrant visa application fees for certain visa categories will change on September 12, 2014.