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Before you make an appointment, please read the instructions and the list of required documents for the service you need by selecting from the menu below or on the left side of this page.  It is possible to have several services during the same visit to the Embassy, but you must make separate appointments for each individual service. 

Please select from the following:

For emergency passport services, or for other issues not listed in the appointment system, please refer to our contact information listed below.

Routine services are available by appointment only from Sunday to Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.  Please note that the consular section is closed on all U.S. and Jordanian public holidays and the last Thursday of each month.

Important Notice

Remember that your appointment signifies the time when you should appear at the Embassy’s public entrance for security screening.  You should expect to be at the Embassy for at least one hour.  Applicants who do not appear at the appointed time will experience considerable delays and/or the possibility of the appointment not being honored.

Security Notice

Visitors to the U.S. Embassy must pass through security checkpoints, including walk-through-metal-detectors (WTMD) similar to visiting an airport.  It may also be necessary to undergo additional screening, to include hand-held metal detectors and pat-down inspections.  Both male and female guards are present.  Prior to passing through the WTMD you must remove all metal items, including jewelry, coins, watches and belt buckles.  Electronic devices such as mobile phones will not be permitted into the Embassy.  Your visit to the Consular Section will be much easier and faster if you leave these items at home or in the car, so that you can proceed through security with the minimum disturbance.

Contact Us

For emergency passport services, or for other issues not listed in the online appointment system, please contact the American Citizen Services unit directly by phone from Sunday to Thursday between 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. at (+962-6) 590-6950, or by email at  If you have an emergency situation outside of these hours, contact the Embassy at (+962-6) 590-6000.

For all questions about visas (immigrant and non-immigrant)please email  Or you may call +962(6) 250-9955 (Jordan) or (703)520-2242 (USA).

Please note that we are closed on all Jordanian and American holidays, as well as the last working day of every month.




  • Summer Work & Travel 2015
    The Summer Work and Travel program is designed for foreign post-secondary students to enter the United States on a nonimmigrant visa to work and travel for a maximum of four months during their summer vacation. Last year over 250 Jordanian students received Summer Work and Travel visas. More information.
  • Scheduling an Immigrant Visa Interview
    Follow these instructions to schedule your Immigrant Visa interview online: How to Schedule an Immigrant Visa Interview (PDF 2.36 MB).
  • Information on Visas and U.S. Citizen Services Now Available on Twitter
    Follow us at @USConsulJO for official information on visas and U.S. citizen services direct from the consuls at the U.S. Embassy in Amman. Questions welcome! Send them to us with the hashtag #AskTheConsul.